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Shut Up And Follow These Relationship Rules!


Vishal Kapoor
Too Extrovert. Writing is not really my thing but doing fine for now ;)

Heard of traffic rules? Yeah, the ones you choose to ignore. That’s okay because the police looks after it, later. Heard of relationship rules? They’re the same as traffic rules. A person is penalised in both if the rules are violated. The only difference is, in a relationship the policing is done by you. Want your relationship to work forever and ever? Then, strictly follow these:

Loyalty rule

…is the key!

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Make them feel wanted

And not someone who’s with a mix of vibrating emotions changing seasonally.

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You don’t get respect for your rude or harsh behaviour. If someone’s listening and not reacting, that’s basically because they love you.

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Rule on flirting

Yes, you can’t really flirt when you’re committed because your partner would feel insecure. Unless, you hate loyalty.

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Make time

“No one’s busy, it’s all about priorities” is a statement you’ve often read on timeline and WhatsApp status.

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No-cheating rule

Unless it’s your final exam and the answer skips from your mind.

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No ‘Taken for Granted’

You’re into it? You give it your 100% or you don’t be in it…

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We fight, we’re together again

Just because each of our efforts end up in a messy fight doesn’t really mean the end of a ‘wonderful’ relationship.

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Learn to Forgive

Learn. Think. Clear. Forgive. Move On. Simple

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Build a trustworthy network

And take a regular look if the trust signal’s getting out of reach.

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Give your best

Love. Care. Respect. Give it all because that’s what makes you a better person, every day.

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