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Five Groovy Grooming Tricks Only Handsome Men May Read


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Priya Aurora
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Men need to be as particular as women when it comes to social gatherings and intimate occasions.

You don’t want men and women staring at the hair in your nose or on your ears when in close proximity.

But you don’t need to worry, we have today picked a list of essential grooming tips for you, to ensure that you are beaming with confidence when out and about.

Don’t make these grooming mistakes again:

1. Untidy moustaches and beards

If you want to sport a moustache, ensure that it is a tidy one. A well-kept beard requires work, you cannot allow it to grow like wild grass.

You can either look like a sexy writer or a wandering vagabond the choice is yours.

2. Stubble that looks terrible 

Most men don’t know how to sport a stubble. A recent survey has stated that women are more keen to date a man who sports a stubble.

The key to look chic, is to trim it regularly.

3. Eyebrows that look like hell

This one might sound a little nit picky. But you need to remember that eyebrows are the most important feature of your face.

Men who spare a minute to make their eyebrows look neat and groomed, always get more attention than those who don’t.

4. Yucky nose hair

Would you ever date a woman, who has hair coming out of her nose? It just takes 30 seconds to trim them into shape. Use the trimmer!

Need we say more?

5. Ear hair that make you look like Shrek

Similar to the nose hair, the ones on the ear are equally disgusting. Just spare a few seconds and get rid of these too.

The thumb rule is, they should not be visible.

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