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Things To Keep In Mind Before Your First Trekking Trip, Beginners Guide!


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Devashish Vaid
Devashish Vaid
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If those Facebook posts of your friends of treks and summits excite you, then you will definitely enjoy the trek for real. The idea of trekking is not loved by all, people don’t consider it a “Chhutti”. For many, traveling is about having food and alcohol at a different place from home. For others, it is about discovering a place along with self. The love for trek is not everyone’s choice and if you are making one, you are special.

The sense of achievement you get after a trek is certainly one of the best feelings ever. But it is not just a walk, it includes technique, rules and rhythm, the things you take with you, and the hiking clothes you wear. But the right preparations and spirit can take you to some of the best views. India is home to the Himalayas and you have a lot of opportunities to satisfy your hunger for the trek. So to be prepared for all these you have to take the first step right. And if you are planning your first trek, this is your guide to things to be kept in mind. Keep noting it down…

Right Footwear

This will certainly be the best investment you will make for your trek. The right shoes are very important, as the terrain would not be like normal road or mud. So you need to buy ankle length, warm, & strong shoes for yourself. Also use them quite excessively before the D-Day, so that you get comfortable in them.


Image Source

Train The Body

It’s time to wake up early and go for a walk. Make a list of inspirational songs and start going for a morning walk. Gradually increase your pace and start jogging. And after a while go for intense exercise for your legs. Staircase running, squats can be good options for you.


Image Source Khurki


A right bagpack is most important buy for your trek. You need to get the perfect bag as per the duration of your trek. A rucksack should be your first preference. Make sure you go for a bag and weight you can carry easily on a long walk. E-stores such as reioutlet and similar others which specialize in gear for outdoor activities could prove helpful in your search for the ideal backpack for your trekking adventure!


Image Source MakeMyTrip

What to Pack?

Always carry rain gear, warm clothes, first aid, basic medicines, torch, rope, et al. This completely depends on the duration and destination of your trek. Carry extra pair of denims, T-shirts and of course socks and shoes in case you are caught in a downpour or snowfall. You might also want to invest in a good deodorant as there may be times when you won’t be able to take a hot shower for several days. So if you still want to feel fresh, it may be a good idea to get a deodorant from one of those Native deodorant stockists. But remember, you have to carry all that load on your own.


Image Source anywheretravel.com

Layer Up!

Wear the right layers as per the weather conditions of your trek, especially if you’re going on an everest base camp trek. As long walks will make you sweat, you might want to take off extra layers. This can cause problems when cool breeze touches sweaty body. So you can wear a tee and sweat jacket than a wind cheater, something you can remove easily if you so need.


Image Source www.fjallraven.com

Read A Lot

Just like what you are doing right now, keep reading blogs on trekking. Also read about the reviews of the people for the trek you are targeting. Read almost anything and everything you can about the place you are going visiting. But don’t make preconceived negative notions about it. Just be prepared of what you are expecting.


Image Source Planet Travel

Stay Hydrated

Of course, carry water, chocolate bars, dry fruits, et al with you for your trek. Drinking water will certainly help in avoiding cramps on the roughest path.


Image Source Chris Townsend

Be responsible for nature

The most important thing that attracts you is the beauty and serenity of the place. So be a responsible nature lover and do not litter or spoil the nature in any other way.


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