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Your First Date? Please Avoid These Stupid Lines!


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Priya Aurora
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So you finally got the girl you had been eyeing all these days and you would really want to make her stay. But surprisingly after your first date, she is not returning your calls or your texts.


We sincerely hope you did not try any of these lames lines on her.


If you did, my friend she is gone for good.

1. I have a policy of taking it slow, and I mean that for everything.


If you think she will wait around for you to get hot and horny, you are highly mistaken. Bad advise love doctor.

2. So you have great fun with your friends on weekends, I saw on Facebook


It’s like saying, I am a Psycho and I have been stalking you in the virtual world.

3. I hate losers and I like to show them their place


If you want to brag about yourself, do it with your boy friends. She wants a talented guy, not a bully.

4. People who don’t serve me a drink, I close down their bar


If you thought that would impress her, she only gets the message that you are an alcoholic. Spare her your brag stories.

5. I am still wondering why you are still single


She has her reasons and you have yours, give it a rest.

6. Let’s play a quiz!


Seriously, if you want to know her more just say so.

7. My female friends are always trying to set me up for a date


Trust us, she does not need to know about your female following.

8. Other things that you should never say:


broken heart-khurki.net I am impressed by the way you cleaned your plate.

broken heart-khurki.net My mother also wears that perfume.

broken heart-khurki.net Who’s that girl in the picture on the beach?

broken heart-khurki.net I wish I was more finicky?

broken heart-khurki.net Take a guess, how much money I make?

broken heart-khurki.net How are you so relaxed about your looks?

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