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Finding The Perfect Bra And Then Making It Last A Lifetime

How do you make your bras last longer? Have you segregated your bras according to their prices?

And every time you wear the expensive ones and feel like a princess, you say a small prayer that it stays as good as new.

How you wish to preserve some bras for a lifetime? Don’t worry we can guide you on how to keep them looking good.

1. Always buy the right size


If you wear a bra of the right size, there are greater chances that it will wear out much less. Always check the size chart before ordering one.

2. Washing it right is the key


Ladies, the washing instructions are given for a reason. Don’t dump your lingerie with rest of the load of the laundry. Make it a rule to wash all lingerie by hand. And if you don’t have the time, at least get a washing bag.

3. Fold them with care

Your bras are like pieces of truffle chocolate. If you don’t store them well, they will go bad. Stack them after folding them only. And always hang the ones with underwires.

4. Take them off at night

Take off bra at

Just like your boobs, your bra also needs breathing space. Please don’t suffocate them by wearing them continuously 24/7. Have a separate category of wear-at-home bras.

5. Work and work out is separate

Please don’t wear the same bras to work and to the gym. And no, you cannot wear the same bra even of you just do cardio.

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