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Fighting Holi Hangover…Here’s A Solution!

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Holi and Hangover – these two words beginning with H – are used in one breath most of the times. Don’t you think so? Well if not, think again. Nowadays, most of us feel that we can’t have fun until we lose our senses. Holi is over but your hangover is still there. As excess of everything is bad, Khurki helps you fight that silly hangover….

6 Have some more lemonade!

Well I know you must have had lemonade but still if your hangover is still there ..you can definitely have some more .

5 Just stick to your bed

Maybe you are exhausted and a little rest will help you fight the hangover. In any case, rest is essential for the tired bones too.

4 Hang out with friends

Go out with friends to have a good time, at least your friends can have some fun – so what if it is at your expense.

3 Be a water tanker

I mean drink as much water as you can, because dehydration might be a reason for the uneasiness.

2 You could have a pain reliever

If you got a severe pain, you must pop a pill! It can help you get rid of your headache.

1 Shout out loud

Sounds odd but whatever is there inside just get it out with the loudest shout ever…give it a try.



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