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Don’t Miss These Festivals This Winter!

Winter is almost here and so are the festivals. Make this winter more special by attending these unique festivals.

Each entry on this list is unique and you will not find a replica anywhere else in the world. If you want to attend any of these festivals, plan NOW!

1. Magnetic Fields


The backdrop is of the beautiful Alsisar Palace. If you want to see the best of art, culture and music, then this is the place to be. If you are lucky you might get invited to a secret party in the 17th century dungeons.

Dates: 18th Dec to 20th Dec

Location: Rajasthan


2. Hornbill Festival


The festival is held in Nagaland and sees the attendance of almost sixteen tribes. You get a chance to taste the most ethnic food and drink of the region. We dare you take part in the chili eating contest.

Dates: 1st Dec to 10th Dec

Location: Naga Village, Kohima

Watch all the action here: 

3. Rann Utsav


The barren land of Rann comes to life with this festival. If you want a glimpse of food, dance, music and handicrafts of Rajasthan, then don’t miss this festival for anything. You can go for activities like hot air balloon rides, biking in the dunes and shopping for ethnic stuff.

Dates: 1st Dec to 23rd Feb

Location: Rann of Kutch

4. Pushkar Camel Fair


Basically, it is a fair for livestock and camels which has become world famous. The desert comes to life with food, colour and feasts. The handicrafts manage to impress one and all.

Dates: 4th Nov to 23rd Nov

Loaction: Pushkar

5. Jodhpur Riff


This festival is a collaboration between the Jaipur Virasat Foundation and the Mehrangarh Museum Trust. It is without doubt India’s biggest music festival. You get to see the famous artists from Australia, West Asia and Britain.

Dates: 23rd Oct to 27th Oct

Location: Mehrangarh Fort

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