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Secret Relationship, How Do You Feel Being In Such A Relationship?


Shhh!! Are we talking about a secret relationship? Aah, relationships are quite tough to remain a secret but most of us are doing it nowadays. I think I should appreciate you guys for not being caught even once till now. But you also have feelings, sometimes you might have felt happy about it and sometimes sad because while maintaining the secrecy you are surely losing the time that could have been turned into some special moments. I think you will completely relate with some of these feelings!

7 Sometimes feel happy about it

When your hidden partner is so good and supportive that you believe him to be your partner for the rest of your life. But, you are waiting for the right time to disclose it. Thus, you feel happy about it.

6 Sometimes feel guilty

At sometimes you feel guilty for what your doing. I mean it’s your best buddies, favorite cousins and your parents, they know nothing about it. And that feeling of “how would they react?” for being late in telling them would give you some heebi jeebies for sure.

5 Sometimes feel sad about it

When it’s hidden love, you can’t be open with your feelings. You can’t talk to him in college, you can’t share your Maggi with him in the canteen, you can’t walk hand-in-hand with him. You know all that is called “the romantic vala love”, you just miss that.

4 Enjoy every bit of it

This secret relationship is like “chup-chup ke milna” “ankhon-ankhon mein batein karna”, “isharon mein roothna” aur “isharon mein manana”……all these things which are quite tough in reality but sound so cute and romantic. These are the things which we call the spice of any relationship.

3 Mind at high alert

Although very rare, but whenever you get a chance to meet him your mind remains at high alert. Instead of enjoying it to its fullest, you keep looking around hoping no one around identifies you and doubting a person to be a friend of your father by chance.

2 Weird insecurity

Along with that “kuch-kuch hota hai” feeling, you have a certain insecurity in mind. It’s all about that “question mark” that keeps on asking what’s your future going to be? What would be the final decision of the parents from both sides? How will it all happen?

1 Frustrated sometimes

Sometimes you get frustrated also when the urge to meet him, to talk to him, to have some quality time with him isn’t possible. You have to just give a look and pass by.

And here are some benefits of having a secret relationship by our “Sartaaj saab”! Must watch!!



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