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Ahh…The First Kiss! Can’t Describe How It Feels!!


One of my friends has recently got into a relationship. Besides the natural questions like who’s he and what does he do and where did you guys meet, I asked my friend to describe that moment after her first kiss. Giving me an ear to ear grin and eyes that gushed the entire emotion, she went into a dream mode and said it was wonderful and so memorable. Her words have made me believe that actually the magic starts with the first kiss. We have all had our first kiss, either with a stranger or with a loved one…it could have been fireworks or a little disastrous, but you would remember it forever. Let’s see if you can relate to the feelings every girl has after the FIRST kiss.

10 Wow…finally, it happened to me

9 Can we do it again, please!

8 I think I am falling for him….I am so happy

7 Can the next one be for longer duration!

6 Oh wait! I think I sound desperate!

5 Did he enjoy kissing me? Should I ask him?

4 Thank God our noses didn’t bump!

3 Just can’t wait to tell all my friends 😉

2 I can’t stop replaying the event in my head again!

1 Never thought kissing could be that great…



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