This Father’s Day, Say Out Loud ‘Love You Daddy’!


Daughters have a special connection and bonding with their fathers – a bond that has been the concept of many a Hollywood movies.

Of these, Father of the Bride and its sequel have been the most prominent till date.

This one’s dedicated to you, Dad!

1. Your little kitten has grown up to be a hot cat !

2. Dad, how on earth have you tolerated this nagging woman for all these years

3. Dad, my pocket money needs a revision

4. I wanted to wear shorter clothes not to embarrass you but to be the best looking girl around

5. I can go to the bank and deposit my cheque

6. I want to have a hubby like my daddy and i confess it on Father’s Day !

7. I love Mom’s pretty footwear but there are times I want to get into your shoes

8. I hate the taste of those burnt paranthas but they are the best

9. I hate it when you scream at Mom even though I know you are right, especially today coz its Father’s Day !

10. I love this guy, but I don’t want to leave your home

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11. Though I’ve found my life partner, you will always be my first love…and i promise i will send you special cards every Father’s Day !

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