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Here Are The Fashion Trends For The Year 2016!

The New Year has arrived and brought along with it new fashion trends which are sure to surprise and shock you.

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Some are retro and some are simply awesome. In case you too wanna know about the latest fashion trends of 2016, then check out this list:

Get a fringe

The fringe is back with a bang. Sport it now as the 70s look is back.

fashion trends
Source: stylecraze

The shoes are the lead actors

Shoes with embroidery will be in vogue this year. They can be easily paired with a casual or formal outfit.

fashion trends
Source: fashionlady

The paper bag waist

This super stylish trend makes you look slimmer and chic. If you don’t know what we are talking about, go google this trend.

fashion trends

Get a half moon bag

The likes of Victoria Beckham are sporting it. This odd shape is creating waves in the fashion world.

fashion trends
Source: thingtank

Orange is in vogue

This fiery colour will be the centre of attention this year. Get an orange outfit fast.

fashion trends

Add a twist to your denims

Designers like Jil Sanders Navy are giving their take on this trend. Denim skirts will be the in-thing this year. Complete the denim look with a bright lipstick.

fashion trends
Source: thestyleoftheday

Suede is in

Suede will make a comeback in a big way. And it will be on offer in the craziest of colors.


fashion trends
Source: accessoryjane

So, be trendy, be stylish and become the talking point of your circle this year!

Priya Aurora
Priya Aurora
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