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Now For Some Fashion Tips For The Pear-Shaped Types!

Look into the mirror and check if your hips are broader than your shoulder line? If yes, felicitation! You proudly own a pear-shaped body type.

And here are some primping suggestions, to help you balance your body assets with pitfalls. After all life is all about getting the seasoning ‘just right’ in place, especially when it comes to primping your ‘sexayyy’ body.

Look 1: Aah! You share a similar body type with Kim Kardashian

Sneaking into those high-waist jeans is surely a great idea to accentuate your hips, but in a subtle way.


Look 2: Reasons to follow this look…

1. It is safe to layer it up towards the neck area, as this would help you to achieve a balanced proportion with the rest half of body.

2. Single coloured (preferably dark shaded) dress, would help create a cascading effect for the eyes.

3. Below knee length dress with swanky shoes, will give you a well-favoured look.

Look 3: Have a party to attend and want to flaunt your legs? It’s time to wear a side slit dress!

P.S: Don’t forget to notice those jaws- dropped, the very moment you exit your home.

Look 4: A- shaped dress

A-shaped dress will help you to emphasise your upper half while camouflaging your bottoms. An added piece of jewellery will add that extra zing to the bland look.

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