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IQ Test: Which Are The Famous Mosques Of Kashmir?

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A masjid or a mosque is a place where faithful Muslims come to say their prayers. The state of Jammu and Kashmir is loaded with mosques that are fine examples of culture and archaeology. The first thing you will notice about these mosques is the concept of Kashmiriyat. A majority of population is Muslim and they have been here since centuries. You will find a mosque almost in every town. We have for you today some of the finest mosques of the state, each one a jewel.

4 Hazratbal Mosque

This world famous mosque is located on the banks of Dal Lake. The mosque is most elegant in white marble and it gets reflected in the water of the lake. The mosque is most famous for keeping in its vault the original hair of Prophet Muhammad. It is the only mosque in the state that has a dome. It is holiest of the holy shrines in India.

3 Jamia Masjid

The mosque dates back to 1385 and is rich in Indo-Saracenic architecture. 370 pillars support the structure of the mosque. This massive mosque can house 33000 people at one time. It has high roofs and very beautiful minars.

2 Hamdan Mosque

It is also called Amir-I-Kabir and is a major mosque in the state. It dates back to 1835 and you will be amazed to know that  not even a single nail was used in the construction of this mosque. It went through two terrible fires but came back only stronger and even more beautiful. The interiors have lovely carvings and the chandeliers are antique and beautiful.

1 Aali Masjid

The mosque is second only to Jamia Masjid. It is the largest mosque in Srinagar, dating back to 1471 and the mosque has just recently been renovated. The mosque is a fine example of good use of local timber. Right from the Mughals to the Dogras each regime has tried to renovate this mosque.



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