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Fall In Love But Beware Of The Cheaters

A man’s character is hard to change.

He is what he is. He either knows his limits or he doesn’t. You simply need to peep into his life to know whether he is how he projects himself or he is someone else.

A right man is someone who vibrates at your frequency. A man should be judged by what he does and not by what he says. His actions must be in sync with his words. So never go on words. Always remember, cheating is a choice not a mistake.

Cheaters are people like you and me, but with the trust quotient missing!

Khurki’s cheater alarm:

9 They will still love their ex while dating someone else

Why to hurt someone when you are not sure about your so-called feelings.

They can fake their emotions

Fake care…fake everything…

8 They tend to play with your feelings

Beware people! While you are giving your life a second chance, someone else may be falling for you and you are indirectly hurting that person.

7 No commitment

They will never ever commit marriage.

6 They are just concerned about themselves

Their moods, their free time and your emotions your likes and dislikes don’t matter at all.

5 They don’t even care about you.

Whether you are sad or happy, makes no difference to them.

4 They will never give you importance

You are merely a time pass for them.

3 They just need intimacy from you

So they will force you to get laid.

2 They will ill treat you

This includes abuses, tantrums, harsh words – sure to bring tears to your eyes.

1 In the end, they will leave you without any reason

As if you are a toy and with such lame excuses: I got distracted. We were not doing great. I am not sure of my feelings…blah blah



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