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Did You Just Fail A Semester? Your Life’s Finished!



Not familiar with what I am saying??


You’d rather not be because this experience is the worst of its kind, according to our basic mentality.


TRUST ME, they’ll screw you badly and surviving that won’t be easy. In India, it’s equal to committing a crime..Worse than a crime, actually..!!


‘They’ in the above sentence refers to our parents, friends, relatives and sabse pyaare padosi – Sharma Uncle, whereas ‘PUBLIC’ refers to the society around us who’ll crush your nuts (if you have any lols) like walnuts..Ouch..!!


‘Yehi din dekhna tha humne’, ‘Tu kisi cheez k layak nahin hai’, ‘Ye sunne se pehle main marr kyun nahin gayi?’, ‘Tune saare sheher main hamari bezti karwa di’ are some of statements that will come flying at you like bullets..!!

Let me warn you about the situations you might go through if you end up failing your semester:

1. Threatening calls from dad  

Putt ghare aayin zara..!! *Cut*



2. You’ll randomly meet people out of nowhere asking you  ‘Maine suna tu fail ho gaya?’

With a devilish grin, continue saying ‘Koi baat nai yaar, poori life padi hai abhi to..fir kar liyo pass



3. World War 3 at home

Aaj se band ye rona dhona…aaj se tera bahar jana band..!!


4. According to your parents, your world is finished

Hun ta Sab Khatam…!! Lo kallo baat..



5. You might even be thrown out of your house

Ek to fail ho gaya upar se muu utha kar ghar bhi aa gaya batane ko ke ji main fail ho gaya?? Tu to nikal bahar!



7. Or from the top of a building.

Ab humein teri koi zaroorat nahi…ja marr…nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii..!!!



6. You might be asked to find a job for yourself

‘Padhai tere bas ki nahin hai bache’.



8. You will suddenly be famous in the whole community..

Ye wahi ladka hai na jo fail ho gaya..tch tch tch



9. Your neighbour would suddenly be the saddest person around

Bohot bura hua re baba.



10. It’ll be a forever-wala experience for you

Lots and lots of – I don’t like you doing this – kinda statements…



The society will kill you, murder you with all these atyachaars…as if there’s no life beyond semesters…Dude enhance your defence gear and polish your skills because ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way!’ And ya lemme say my favourite quote here:

‘Failures are the pillars of success!’

Vishal Kapoor
Vishal Kapoor
Too Extrovert. Writing is not really my thing but doing fine for now ;)

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