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OMG! Witches Do Exist And Their Craft Is SCARY!


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We all have our own versions on witches and their mysterious world. You might be in denial, but the fact remains that they do exist – among us. And no, they do not wear pointy shoes and tall black hats. They do not laugh scary, at least not in public and all of them are not cannibals. For all you know, you could be a witch yourself, as there is no one way of telling if you are a witch. Because of this, and the fact that witches don’t look like the ones we see on television and film, they’re even harder to identify. But that makes it even more enjoyable, right? So instead of adding more confusion to your fact file, we clear the air.

Every witch is not evil

All throughout history, there have been witches who practiced white and black magic. There have been those that have passed death sentences on petty humans and others who have done their part to help them. When we say witchcraft, it includes both.

Image Source
Image Source

Not many witches were burnt for real

If you go back in history, you will see that a handful have been burnt for real. Even in the infamous Salem Witch Trials, no witches were burnt alive. 19 women were hanged and one man was stoned.

Image Source
Image Source

Not all witches are women

Most people think that a witch has to be a woman, whereas in reality men have been a part of this community from day one. Only they are called wizards and warlocks. The number of men and women who have been persecuted is almost equal.

Image Source
Image Source

Society has been persecuting witches without any proof

We know it sounds weird, but the society mongers have been so scared of witches that they have been booking them without any proof. They have been on their trial for all kinds of weird reasons.

Image Source
Image Source

Google Wicca and get shocked

If you are drawn to witchcraft and want to take it up as a religion then sign up for ‘Wicca’. This new religion was announced in 1954 and has been getting a steady flow of supporters.

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Image Source

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