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Did You Know These Facts About Death Of Osama bin Laden!



Osama bin Laden needs very little introduction. He was the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks in USA. Despite his many ghastly attacks, he is considered a leader by many and a terrorist by many others at the same time. His life and his death in May of 2011 has been shrouded in a mystery. We have some interesting facts about his death for you today.

The ISI angle

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It has now been revealed that Laden had left the Hindukush mountains in 2006 and had been in Pakistan ever since and ISI had been aware of this fact from day one.

The spies were awarded in millions of dollars

million dollars
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It was a Pakistani intelligence officer that finally leaked the whereabouts of Laden to CIA for 20million dollars. Another Major of the Pakistani Army worked as a CIA spy and was awarded $5million dollars for taking care of Osama’s health.

The Pakistan government’s plan

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The Pakistan government had suggested that his death be shown as a drone attack in the mountains, but later agreed to the new plan.

The assistance that was crucial

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It is now known when the American soldiers were dropped at the location, the ISI soldiers left the house with all the weapons on the site.

No surety till the last minute

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Image Source

Although the planning started months ago and every step was calculated precisely, the Americans were not sure till the last minute if they had actually trapped Laden.

The occupants of the infamous house

laden house
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When the house was attacked, besides Laden, his four fives and 14 children were also present there. His brothers were also believed to be there.

 The plan was a top secret

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Image Source

The meticulously planning was done by the top most officials of US Army with the US President. The planning took months but the operation was over in less than forty minutes.

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