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Fan Alert! Essential Facts About One Direction!

One Direction does not need any introduction. The girls love them, the boys love them and music lovers all over the world are going crazy over them. We have for you today some interesting facts about them.

15 If you want to hire the band, sans Zayn Malik for a night, get ready to cough up at least £30,000!

14 When the members of the band tried to compete in the UK X factor as independent competitors, they all got disqualified. But as a group, they have made history.

13 The band has also starred in TV ads and promotional events for Pokemon.

12 Liam Payne first appeared in the UK X Factor in 2008.

11 Harry Edward Style is the full name of Harry. If you want to follow him on Twitter – @Harry_Styles

10 The band actually came third in the seventh season of UK’s X Factor.

9 Liam is a Virgo and his middle name is James.

8 Louis was born on Christmas Eve, and his middle name is William.

7 Zayn, who left the group in 2015, is 1993 born. And is the most popular member of the group.

6 The One Direction 2012 Calendar, was a top selling item in 2012.

5 In a very short period of time, the band released three books.

4 The debut UK tour of One Direction was sold out within 12 minutes.

3 Zayn Malik did not even have a passport before he became a band member.

2 The band has repeatedly said that they draw inspiration from ‘Take That’.

1 Harry is the youngest member and Louis the oldest member of the band.



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