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Facts About King Khan, Which Every Fan Should Know!

Happy Birthday of our beloved King Khan is here and what better time than this to remember some interesting facts about him.

We bet you didn’t know some of them at least!

1. Shahrukh’s character was called Rahul in nine movies


2. He has played a dark and negative role in six movies, and all of them were hits

3. Did you know that in 16 movies, his character dies

4. He has produced 14 movies and all of them made big money for him

5. He has been nominated 226 times and won 207 times

6. Since his debut in Fauji in 1988, he has hosted seven TV shows

7. He is a great friend too, as he has a massive record of 26 cameos

8. Not many know that his grandfather was a Chief Engineer in Bangalore

9. His college Hans Raj, has honoured him with a shield for Alumnis who had made the college proud

10. He had agreed to work in DDLJ without even knowing the script

11. His first salary was fifty rupees, which he earned as a usher for a concert where Pankaj  Udhas was performing

12. The man sleeps in freshly ironed pajamas every night, saying that he might meet somebody interesting in his dreams

13. He still has a phobia of horses and hates ice creams

14. Besides being a partner in Red Chillies, Juhi Chawla has acted in maximum number of movies with him, 11

15. You will find all his cars with the same number plate 555

Happy Birthday Shahrukh!!!

Priya Aurora
Priya Aurora
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