Facts About Jackie Chan We Bet You Didn’t Know!


Jackie Chan is the most recognizable face from the land of Kung-Fu in India. He has been entertaining us for half a century and refuses to stop even now. Besides acting, Jackie has been involved in many charitable activities too.

Read on more to know about this stellar actor and great human being.

1. As a kid his name was Pao-Pao.


2. He started acting at the age of five.


3. Jackie has also acted in an adult flick called – All in the Family.


4. Jackie Chan also sings and was producing music way back in 1980s.

5. Jackie is proficient in many languages like Mandarin, Taiwanese and Cantonese.


6. And if you think he only knows martial art, the man holds a degree in Social Science.


7. Even in his present role, he is a faculty in a school for hotel management.


8. Amongst the sports, Jackie loves football the most and is a big supporter of Manchester United.


9. Jackie has always said his inspiration is Buster Keaton, who always did his own stunts.


10. Chan also holds a Guinness World record for the actor who has performed most stunts.


11. Even after getting so much love from the Americans, Jackie says he just does not get the American humour.


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