Facts About India That We Bet You Didn’t Know!

India can be best defined as a mosaic painting with different shades and hues. Or a jigsaw puzzle whose pieces just fall into place.


We are sometimes seen as the land of elephants and snake charmers and sometimes as the youngest democracy in the world. Some people think all Indians are Hindus while others think we force arranged marriages onto our children.

The definitions are many and the versions countless. We have for you today some facts about India that all Indians in particular must know.

(GenX listen up!)

1. We have never invaded another country


2. India has the largest Postal Service in the world


3. The Bollywood industry is in no way lesser to Hollywood


4. We are the biggest exporter-producer of banana in the world


5. The City Montessori in Lucknow has 50,000 students. Making it the biggest in the world


6. The Lord Balaji temple gets more devotees than the Vatican


7. India is the largest exporter of services and software to the world


8. We have the likes of Vinod Dham and Sabeer Bhatia


9. The Bailey Bridge in Jammu and Kashmir is the highest bridge in this world

bailey bridge_khurki.net

10. Shakuntala Devi was a true Indian, our very own calculator


11. The Indus Valley Civilization is the oldest civilization of this world


12. The martial arts China is so proud of, actually originated in India


13. The Kumbh Mela, with a hundred million people in attendance, can only be organized in India with success


14. The humble shampoo was invented in India and then called ‘champu’

 facts about india

15. Only in India will you find a post office that floats on the Dal Lake