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Are You Facebook Friends Or Is It For Real?


We make many friends, but let us honestly try and ask ourselves whether friendship exists with each of these so-called friends? You will definitely get a “No” for an answer. So when you talk about the hundreds of your Facebook friends and their friendship, somewhere it’s like that only. Until and unless you know that person in real life or the relationship you both are sharing is something more than friendship, only then is a real bond possible. So Khurki gives you some reasons why Facebook friendship is not real some times!

7 Fake profiles

When you have no authentic information about the person you are talking to, how can you consider the Facebook friendship real! So be careful from these fake profiles!

6 No personal chats

Sometimes friendship is just restricted to sending and accepting a request. After that you just don’t bother that person!

5 Restricted to likes only

Facebook friends like your posts and you like theirs’. Just give and take of likes over your profile’s stuff! Do you consider this as friendship at all? Nope, at least I don’t.

4 Just gaming buddies

Here you make friends when you stuck at a certain level in your game. But according to me real friends help you out when you get stuck somewhere in life and don’t know what to do?

3 Writing buddies

You just share your writings with them and ask them to share it further, and this give and take procedure goes on!

2 Numbers to show off

It’s like you have “quantity of friends” but not “quality of friends”. It’s just done to beat one another with a large friend list.

1 You don’t know him as a person

He can be so far from you that you guys can’t meet each other. In this condition, you will believe that he is a person that he shows to be.



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