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Heat Yourself Up With Some Fabulous Winter Date Ideas…

You may be freezing cold but your heart shouldn’t be. Guys it’s winter time, which means it’s time to bundle up and go on a romantic date with your special someone. I definitely think that cold months are often seen as the most romantic ones and there is no better excuse to snuggle with your partner than to shield one another from the chill. Ufff! That warm tight hug is heaven, isn’t it? Heating things up in this cold weather, Khurki finds some fabulous winter date ideas…..Hot tub date, anyone?

Campfire picnic

One of the most fun winter date ideas is a campfire picnic. Take advantage of the beautiful weather before it begins to snow. Grab some blankets and a basket filled with goodies to start the date.

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Ice skating

Hold hands with your sweetie pie and head out to an ice skating rink. Dare each other to try classic ice-skating moves like a turn or a jump and head out for hot cocoa after you have fallen on your backside way too many times.

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Sunset hot chocolate for two

Lie on a warm warm blanket and watch the pleasant sunset together. Enjoy some alone time for the two of you by cuddling up with your sweetheart and sharing some hot cocoa.

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Couple dance

You don’t have to be a dance expert to enjoy this suggestion. Dance classes are an excellent way to spend a cold winter day. Not only will the constant movement keep your body moving and heated, it will also help in creating a more intimate scene.

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Walk in winter night

A romantic evening for two in a winter night….aww! Sounds romantic, right? So bundle up and take a walk together in the mist. Smell the damp air and the beautiful scenery.

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Building nostalgia together

For the married couples, relive your wedding night and cook the meal you ate on your big day while reminiscing about the memories. If you don’t have a wedding video, go through all of your wedding photos and enjoy those precious memories together!

Image result for couple watching together gif

Unleash your inner child

….and play in the snow! Make snow angels, go sledging and build a snowman. Let the fun warm you on the outside and in the bed.

Image result for couple playing in snow gif

Have a divine hot tub date

If you are looking for a fun way to spice things up, a hot tub date night is the perfect way to unwind while showing your partner just how romantic you can be. You can easily get a hot tub from the Mile High Hot Tubs company and it will be a perfect addition to your backyard either way. What better way to enjoy a romantic date with your partner then just chilling at home, in a relaxing hot tub? It’s perfect really. And your partner will surely love it.

Image result for couple in hot tub gif

Amneet Kaur
Amneet Kaur
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