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Have You Experienced These Things In Life Yet?

First there was childhood, and then came school and then college. When you sit and look back, you will wonder where time flew away. But the lessons of life are not taught in any school. You have to learn them yourself. Life will be your teacher.

Now it’s up to you if you want to learn them hard way or make the most of it.

Whatever the case, before you say goodbye to this world you should have experienced most of the things on our list.

1. The immense joy when you know you got lucky

You just might have been at the right place at the right time.

2. The feeling of being in love

It’s like a free fall, which everybody must take.

3. The immense pain of losing someone

Only then will you realize the value of joy.

4. Survival on a shoe-string budget 

Some of us are not spoilt brats. Try living like that.

5. Witness the rise of evil and their getting away with crime

Your delusion that life is fair will come crumbling down.

6. Get one shot at success at least

Only then will you realize that success needs hard work and involves loads of frustration.

7. Be the target of hatred for somebody

If nobody hates you, you are probably going to die like a nobody.

8. The feeling of being lonely

The feeling that you have nobody in this world will only make you strong.

9. The betrayal shock

If your trust is broken, give it a second chance.

10. To be called a failure

Rise above the feeling, but only for yourself.



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