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Every IIN Passout Is A Potential Nandita Das


And while our Bollywood queen Deepika Padukone was embroiled in the controversy over her #VogueEmpower campaign,

here’s another actor who’s finding herself smeared with flak and criticism for a comment that she purportedly made almost two years back. Twitter has been taken over by Nandita Das’ quote “…every man is a potential rapist” with #NanditaDasQuotes topping the trends since afternoon.

Taking a dig at her, Twitterati tried to bring out the “potential” in everything.

1. True that

2. Rohit Shetty, true that again

3. PIMP defined aptly

4. IIN, I’m From IIN. Can’t stop humming that tune

5. Tell me more about it

6. And also a potential Chetan Bhagat

7. Chai waale se baat badhani padegi

8. But the question is, how come we were not able to point this for almost 2 years?

Wonder where all this is going to end, but I would only say that every Nandita Das is a potential KRK!



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