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Ever Tried Stupid Yet Different Things In Life? Go On, Now…

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Have you ever asked yourself this? Are you one of those crazy-but-behaving-like-innocent types of a person? Someone who somewhere wishes to do damn freaky stuff but just cannot because of too many responsibilities, phase of life, situations, etc.? If this is the case, then you’ve probably joined the club of people stuck somewhere between Life and Themselves! Get up dude, it’s one life… Do the things that are made for you or at least don’t forget to do all this silly and insane stuff just for yourself:

15 Sit in a parked car with unknown people

Look for a car around with people sitting in it. Get in and see what happens. LOL

14 Tell a bald man, he has a ‘Nice Hairstyle’

Caution: Maintain Distance!!

13 Ask for clothes at a chemist shop

That reaction you’ll get when the shopkeeper and the people around you will stare amazingly would be enough for the day, TRY IT!

12 Take a broom and dance in the market

Because that’s something you always wanted to do, ask your subconscious mind!

11 Play Justin Bieber in Friends

There might be someone from the squad who is a ‘Justin Bieber’ critic. This is for you then.

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10 Take a deo can and finish it in the air

Because don’t you love people calling you stupid?

9 Take a hammer and…And just keep it back!

Because you don’t have to get hurt or hurt anyone else!

8 Go out at midnight with a lamp

Going alone would definitely scare you, unless you’re fearless freak! Scary and stupid enough to fool people, DO TRY IT!

7 Try crossing the road by doing a cartwheel

If you’re thinking of crossing an empty road, then my friend… you’re the real superhero (Whistles and Claps).

6 Write a letter to the Prime Minister

Will it reach him or not is not the point? Will you really write something and post, is the one?

5 Open the plane emergency door on flight


4 JUMP from a building (with an umbrella)

And you thought you’d need a Jetpack to fly?

3 Throw your phone on the TV in exhilaration

KHURKI is really serious about this. Do it once and you’ll be remembered for a lifetime!

2 Sleep on a tree when mom tells you to get lost!

Yes, it’s fun… unless you fall like an apple!

1 Assume a fake accent in front of strangers

You’ll find yourself super funny whenever you do this.

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