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Have You Tasted These Weird Chocolates?



We all love chocolates. There must be a handful of people on this planet who hate them or detest them. The world might be going violent, depressing or sad, the sales figures for chocolates never go down.

But did you know that chocolate connoisseurs have also come up with the some of the weirdest flavours in chocolates.

Have you even heard of these weird chocolates?

1. Wasabi Flavored Dark Chocolate from Lindt

You might have tried wasabi with sushi, but would you really want it inside your chocolate. It is made out of horse radish after all.

2. Camel Milk Chocolate from Nassma

Yes, we know that camel milk is super healthy. But it is also super fatty and salty. The whole idea is too much to accept.

3. Ginger Chocolate in Green and Black from Organic

We love ginger when we have a bad throat, but in a bar of chocolate. A big NO.

4. Milk Chocolate with Lavender from New Tree

We love lavender in our soap and fresheners, spare the mouth please.

5. Mayan Raw Chocolate Bar from Gnosis

We love spicy food, but this chocolate contains an algae and chilies to give you a punch. No thank you!

6. Chocolate and wafers with ants from Graffiti Zoo

Some people like the tiny and crawlies in their chocolate too. This one has to be a legend.

7. MacchaGreeN Japanese Kit Kat


The Japs love their green tea, so having it in chocolate was only expected.

Priya Aurora
Priya Aurora
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