Etiquettes That Can Make You The Most Likeable Person!

“Oh, she’s a nice girl.” You can hear these words often from people around you. But what defines a good or a nice girl? Helping your family with clothes or your friends with right advice? Washing your dishes instead of leaving them in the sink? Doing charity for needy? But all these acts of kindness don’t necessarily define a nice person. Right! To improve your likeabilty, you want to assess yourself honestly. How about listing the behaviour or etiquettes that you can adopt if you also want to be likeable…

12Destroy unlikeable qualities of yours

Don’t seek attention. Don’t have an over-sized ego. Control your horrible temper. Don’t be kind one day and mean the next. Don’t be negative about other people and if you find you hardly like anyone or rarely like people, the problem is most likely within you. Get over it. You can be an amazing person — no matter how great you are, you can appreciate others.