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Enrique Iglesias And Nicky Jam Back In ‘Forgiveness’


Nicky Jam and Enrique Iglesias record an English version of the hit song  ‘El Perdon‘ which earns a Historic 26th Week at No. 1 on Hot Latin Songs..!!

A mid paced lost love number has a dancy bit to itself which makes you wonder whether a person is to dance over the loss..lols

Nicky Jam,a 35 year old rapper has done it all..pssst basically he rose to success in 2000 but got derailed due to bad habits and bad decisions.With his new song featuring Enrique, he’s surely coming back in the limelight and that too for all good reasons.

Jam wrote ‘El Perdon’ and invited Enrique to sing with him after the star himself expressed interest in working together.

This version called ‘ Forgiveness’ has a feel of its own..!!

Check it out:

In love with the song haina?? Me too..!!



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