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Enough Girls…It’s High Time We Break The Rules!

The world is changing. ‘We’ have started a revolution of breaking stereotypes. We are starting a tradition, something that is going to be tough to break. We don’t dream of Prince Charming but an empire of our own. We don’t have the patience to deal with in-laws and know how to respect elders. We need a man to give birth to a child, not to raise one. We are the ‘new age 20-something Indian women’ who fight the matrimonial advt battle with our parents every day. We are crushing the stereotype that classifies us into what is called marriage material.

It’s not equality but equity that we demand

We know you wouldn’t support equality because you are scared of us. You are scared of the mental strength will that we possess. And so we don’t need any goddess treatment but just human.


Good girls should not talk about sex

Well, just because the society will judge you of being an indecent woman? The same society that pushes you for an arranged marriage and expects you to deliver a baby within one year of marriage, maybe they are unaware of the baby-making process.


Cooking is acceptable, but being called a homemaker is not

Are we not done with the narrow thinking that women are just meant for kitchens? Come on, we even outshine men in Olympics. How about that?


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There is no need of a Super Hero

God has been unfair to women, but men have made it worse. Even then, women manage to support and raise their families with respect and dignity.

The male ego is afterall fragile

“You should never hurt a man’s ego”! Yeah or else what? He’ll use his physical power on you and hurt you? Get this damn thing off your mind.


Ritika Bhateja
Ritika Bhateja
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