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Hilarious Tweets On Engineer’s Day You Cannot Miss!!

Engineering can make you anything but an engineer. The life of an engineering student or professional is not easy. They are insulted by others and they tend to insult themselves every now and then on social network. Not sure if these tweeples are celebrating the Engineer’s Day or just making fun.

Well, we salute the spirit of being so unconditionally insulting to oneself and others as well. And not to forget that Engineers Day is celebrated on the birth anniversary of Bharat Ratna M. Visvesvaraya. For those who give their today for our tomorrow and then give their tomorrow to joblessness, we bow in respect.

engineer's day
Source OneIndia.com

Hilarious Tweets On Engineer’s Day You Cannot Miss!!


Engineers Reacting To Twitter Trolls Be Like…

Image result for aamir khan 3 idiots ]

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