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Ten Upcoming Electric Cars in India This Year. Number 7, Seriously!



Electric cars are being seen as one of the huge game changers for a healthy future!

Most of the car manufacturers have already started exploring the EV (Electrified Vehicles) business and Elon Musk has been leading this market with his fleet of Teslas.

Compared to 4,774 units of electric cars sold in India in 2020, a record 14,690 units were sold in 2021.

1) BMW i4: The fast and the expensive electric car!

Heads up all the BMW fanboys, this is one company which never lets us down in our driving experience and now we have BMW bringing its i4 to India. Expected launch date is August 15.

2) Tata Altroz EV

Electric cars

Our very own Rattan Tata brings the affordable and reliable budget-friendly car for the Indian market. Tata Altroz will come at an estimated price of Rs 14 lakh and is expected to be launched in June.

3) Mahindra eKUV100

Electric cars

Another electric car that is not only budget friendly but also being made by a trusted car manufacturer from India – Mahindra! The new eKUV100 is expected to come out in the month of  June and will start at an estimated price of Rs 8.25 lakh, which is roughly Rs 2 lakh more than its petrol variant.

4) Mercedes-Benz EQA

Electric cars

Naaaah! Merc is not to be left behind! Merc’s hatchback EV is coming soon to India and is expected to launch in May. Price ? Yes it’s a Merc, so it has to be expensive – estimated to be around Rs 60 lakh.

5) Kia EV6

Electric cars

Comparatively new to the Indian market, Kia has established a good reputation and is going to launch its Kia EV6 around mid-June. But hold your breath, this car is being pegged at an expensive Rs 60 lakh, which makes it affordable only by the rich and the richer class.

6) Mercedes-Benz EQS

Another Benz product that really looks like from 2050! Well the price might shock you! Oh it will! Expected price is Rs 1.75 crore and this car is expected to launch this October.

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7) Tesla Model 3

For all those who have been waiting to see Tesla on Indian roads, it is likely to become a reality soon. With its fascinating autopilot features, Tesla is expected to come at a fascinating price of Rs 60 to 65 lakh! And if insiders are to be believed, Tesla will launch its cheapest Model 3 in India.

8) Volvo XC40 Recharge

Recharge, Seriously? It seems Volvo’s creative team ran out on ideas to name its new car, so they decided to call it “Recharge”. Besides the comfort of Volvo, you get the added comfort of saving some fuel money! The car is likely to launch somewhere around July 6. The price we expect this Volvo to be pegged at is around Rs 65 lakh.

9) Ford Mustang Mach E

Real car enthusiasts are the ones who are waiting to see if an EV will do justice to a muscle car! Though it might not, but we have to wait to see it in reality! The name “Mustang” is synonymous with sports, but now we are going to see this car as an EV! Expected to be around Rs 70 lakh, its date of launch is October 15.

10) Tata Curvv

Mr. Tata coming up with one more electric hatchback which is set to go into production by 2024 and expected price is 20 lakhs.

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