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Ek Tha Pigeon: New-Old Form Of Spy By Pakistan. Just Checking!


Devashish Vaid
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Punjab Police has arrested a ‘Pigeon’ on the suspicion of it being a Pakistani spy.

Yes, you read it right a ‘Pigeon’.

We all know very well that from ancient times, pigeons have been used for communication purposes. Right from the Mughal era to the “Maine Pyar Kiya” days.  But, when it is about national security, we appreciate that the police should not leave any stone unturned to ensure it.

What if everything related to a pigeon starts being seen as a threat to national security? What are the changes we might see in the nation? Don’t worry, Khurki brings all of them:

1. Makers Of Maine Pyar Kiya will be considered pioneers and will be forced to go underground

Pigeon Punjab

2. Masakali will have the notoriety of being the first female carrier suspect


3. After black buck, Salman will be under scrutiny for white pigeon

Salman Khan-Khurki.net

4. DDLJ kabootar scene will be banned and Shahrukh Khan will organise a press conference for the blame

Pigeon Punjab

5. Those involved in ‘Kabootar Bazi’ (illegal immigration) will be framed in another section!

Pigeon Punjab

6. Singing Kabootar Ja Ja will be a disrespect to the nation

7. All the pigeon-feeding points of the nation will come under surveillance

Pigeon Punjab

8. Adhaar card for pigeons will become a compulsion

Pigeon Punjab


What are your views about this, please share in the comment section below!


Disclaimer: We respect the cautiousness of Punjab Police as anything suspected to be a threat to national security should be under the custody of the authorities. We are not offending any person or organization in any way.

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