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Eight Facts That Prove Mommy Is Way Better Than Daddy!

Mothers are known for their ‘Mamta’ but what are fathers known for?Mother is one person who takes care of us when we obviously can’t help ourselves. There is warmth in our mother’s lap and heat in that of the father. We have now found proof why mothers are safer & better to be with. Fathers definitely make you feel safer, but when mom is not around and the kid is all alone with the father, for a mother the kid is NOT safe.

Eight Facts That Prove Mommy Is Way Better Than Daddy!

Fancy dress is fun they said, let daddy dress you they said

Mother Vs Father

Men in Black fans on they way

Going to park with Mother Vs Father

Mother Vs Father

She asked him to teach kids something new

Mother Vs Father

Whose learning are we talking about anyway?

Mother Vs Father

Watch me riding and learn to ride

And when he was short of breast

Mother Vs Father

Be safe dear Vs get that freak kiddo


Were we right or wrong? Nothing possible to explain this phenomenon.

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Devashish Vaid
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