Eight Countries Where Smoking Weed Is Absolutely Legal


How you wish that you could smoke weed in peace in INDIA? Well, that is not possible and there is very little hope that it might get legalized in our lifetimes. Canada, on the other hand, has embraced the green resulting in many people picking up their weed grinder, blunt wraps and sharing the love.

But there are countries in this world where smoking weed is legalized and totally cool. Some even have dispensary stores with a POS System (https://toppossystem.com/dispensary-pos/ ) to improve customer service and stock all sorts of products, including bubblers for sale, which seems out of this world!

We get you a list of those countries, start rolling your joints.

1. In North Korea, you will find weed growing on the sides of the road

2. Make some local friends in Estonia and they might just treat you to their homegrown stuff

Although it is illegal in the books, you can buy it on the beach, bars and clubs freely. Just be a little discreet!

4. In Nepal, the bhang and hashish versions are much popular. You get it offered on all major festivals. Just keep an eye out for the cops!

Get a joint and smoke it in piece. Instant hit!


6. Germany is one of the few countries in the Eurozone where you can carry small amounts for personal use. You can smoke it openly in Berlin

7. Smoking weed is legal in Washington and Colorado and you can smoke a variety of strains of weed including this Lemon Diesel Strain. Don’t take a chance in the other states, though

8. In Mexico, you are allowed to carry five grams. Some of the best quality marijuana is grown here. But don’t let the cops get a whiff

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Priya Aurora
Priya Aurora
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