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Test Your Education Quotient Of Bollywood Stars!

Our Bollywood stars might play a scientist from NASA, a student from IIM, or a renowned writer in the movies. So, we thought it was time we gave you an insight of their educational background.

10 Aamir Khan did not pursue studies after class 12. His chose to follow his acting dreams.

9 ‘Student of the Year’ happened and Alia Bhatt chose to put an end to her education at the schooling level. She has bigger goals to achieve.

8 Anushka Sharma is a Graduate from Mount Carmel College in Bangalore. She has specialization in arts.

7 Arjun Kapoor could not clear his class 12 exams and decided to join the family business of making movies.

6 Deepika Padukone was studying in Mount Carmel College, Bangalore, when she gave it up for modeling.

5 Kajol is an alumnus of St. Joseph Convent in Panchgani and that’s not all, she was also the head girl. But Bekhudii happened when she was 16 and she decided to bid goodbye to school.

4 Kareena has studied from Welhams Girls School, Dehradun. She also attended college for two years and also did a computer course from Harvard. She was studying law when she gave it up for acting.

3 Katrina started modeling at fourteen and never went to a proper school. Her parents often traveled so it was just not possible.

2 Priyanka was in the US briefly for pursuing higher studies and also attended Jai Hind College briefly.

1 Ranbir Kapoor is a pass out of the Bombay Scottish School. He was in the HR college for two years. He has done an acting course from a school in New York.



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