Exposed: Education Mafia, Harassed Parents, Suffering Students!


For a common person’s child, quality education is a tough call nowadays. When Private and Public Schools demand purchase of books and uniform from a particular store, the rates just go higher. Outcome: Education in the present era is too costly and can safely be called Education Mafia. Gone are the days when parents had the liberty to purchase books and uniforms from their desired stores. But today they are guided by the schools as per what to buy and FROM WHERE.

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We agree that the schools want uniformity and discipline, but at the cost of making education out of reach of many deserving students. Despite the warning given by UT Administration that schools cannot enforce parents to buy books and uniform from particular vendors, the warning has fallen on deaf ears of the management of public and private schools.

When the law says that the school must use NCERT Books that are much cheaper than the private publishers, we still see many schools violating the law. Parents are going through numerous difficulties as the new session begins.

Khurki made an attempt to talk to some of the parents and know their problems. Khurki demands change for a better tomorrow!!


  1. Well said team khurki. education , medical facilities and security are three areas where bribery and money laundering should be avoided to make our country a better place to live .But I see only new generation caring about it


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