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Things Essentially To Eat This New Year Eve!

This New Year eve don’t just hog on the pies and the cakes. Eat these essentials as well, as these are believed to bring you good luck for the whole of the next year. Come along as we take a look at some of the most essentially lucky food to have on New Year’s Eve.

Take your pick:

7 Greens

Any green vegetable is believed to bring you money for the whole year round. Green is the colour of money after all.

6 Beans/Lentils

Just like greens are supposed to resemble dollars, the beans and lentils are supposed to resemble coins.

5 Noodles and rice

Noodles are supposed to denote longevity and a healthy long life. The rice too stand for abundance.

4 Fruit

The Mexicans believe that if you pop a grape at midnight and it is sweet, you can hope for a good year ahead. And if it is bitter, then watch out for your enemies.

3 Pork

Pigs are supposed to denote a rotund and long life. Be sure to have one on 31st night.

2 Cake

Look for a cake that resembles a ring. Your life will come full circle for sure.

1 Fish

The scales of a fish are supposed to look like coins. So rest assured, having them will bring abundance.

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