‘I Won’t Eat Animals’ Girl Tells Mom, The World Should Listen!


Kids teach us more lessons in life than us. Internet is full of videos inspiring and asking you to go vegetarian or vegan. But the inspiration this girl is going to give no Peta can ever give to anyone. The way she tells her mother that she will never eat animals in her life ever is truly inspiring.

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This video is going viral all over the internet for reasons obvious to all. The little one’s mother recorded the words of wisdom of this five-year-old. The kiddo realises to her horror that meat is animals and her conscience tells her not to eat an animal. Then, she goes on to tell her mother that she is not going to eat anything non-vegetarian ever again. The empathy this kid has shown towards the co-beings is exactly what the human race needs to learn. Kudos to the 5YO Zada and her mother for letting the child make a choice in her life and making this huge difference to the mindset of the society.


“I Won’t Eat Animals” Girls Tells Her Mother: The Whole World Should Listen!

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