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Sleep Issues? Try These Easy Hacks To Doze Off Better!


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You might have had a monstrous day at work, yet when your head hits the pillow you fail to sleep. Your brain refuses to shut down for the day. We totally understand your dilemma and for this same problem, we pulled out some easy tips for you to follow. Your beauty sleep is waiting!

Take a bath

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Image Source

If you just can’t stop thinking about stress at work, step into a hot shower and relax your nerves. If you can, draw a bath for yourself, light up some candles and just relax. Add some essential oil to the water in order to relax some more. If you don’t have time for a bath, then having a shower will also be helpful. Just make sure that your shower isn’t cramped. If you have a small bathtub or shower, then maybe it’s time to update it and get something a bit bigger? You could even treat yourself to something like these glass shower doors to really make your bathroom look nice!

Try and sleep at a fixed time

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Image Source

When you set a bedtime, you need to stick to it too. Your internal clock likes to follow a pattern, do not confuse it. The more irregular you are, more the chances of staying awake in bed.

Switch off all gadgets

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Image Source

You might have heard of this before, but are you implementing it too. The light from the gadgets can disturb the retina and confuse the brain to believe that it is time to stay awake.

Avoid coffee after dinner

Image Source
Image Source

In fact, you should avoid both tea and coffee after dinner. The caffeine in these drinks will make you active and keep you awake way past your bedtime. If you feel like having a drink, have a glass of water or warm milk.

Keep the dinner light

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Image Source

Always plan your meals in such a way that the dinner is the lightest meal. An oily and starchy dinner might give you heartburn and make you uncomfortable. Always avoid eating after 8 pm and keep it light.

Wear your favourite socks

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Image Source

You might be having trouble sleeping because your feet are not warm enough. Try wearing a soft pair of socks and see if that helps. Look for an old and loose pair.

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