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E-Cigarette Burns Woman, Awarded $1.9 Mn!


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A California woman who was badly burned by an exploding electronic cigarette was awarded nearly $2 million by a jury in a product liability suit.

That’s huge…


Jennifer Ries of Corona was on her way to the airport in March 2013 when she plugged in her VapCigs e-cigarette charger and it spewed hot metal that ignited her dress. It is shocking that a product she trusted went so wrong and caused so much damage and it’s no surprise that she contacted a product liability lawyer as soon as she had recovered.


Her husband, Xavier Ries, tossed an iced coffee on her to extinguish the flames, but she was scarred for life by second-degree burns on her buttocks, thighs and hand.

The couple missed their flight to Brazil, where they had planned to help build a community center for children in the slums of Rio de Janeiro, and Jennifer Ries ended up at an urgent care facility and a burn clinic the following day. She found that getting in touch with a personal injury lawyer could help with her case and she was able to get the compensation. If you have found yourself in a similar situation, you might consider contacting a personal injury lawyer who could help with your product liability case.

After a trial, Riverside Superior Court jury awarded $1.9 million to Jennifer Ries in the lawsuit against VapCigs.

I personally have never really understood the funda of e-cigs anyways..!! On saying that though, people still continue to use and buy e-cigarettes and other smoking alternatives such as vape pens regardless of the risks and damage that they can pose to the health and wellbeing of an individual. By looking at companies such as Session Vapor (you can Visit the website here), people are able to see what sort of products that are on the market to help with their habits. Only until we know how much damage they cause will people really consider the vaping and e-cigarettes option. I don’t think I would use them until I knew the real risk!

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