Durjoy Datta: An Author By Chance, And Quite A Quirky One!

Durjoy Datta – a literary enthusiast, young, good looking, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, dog lover, admirer of world’s exquisiteness AND an author by chance. Not any author, a successful one!

Engineer by profession, followed his passion and obsession to write in life. love that he depicts in his novels is not eternal and depicts the love of youngster’s. shares first hand experience in his books. famous for his quirky and catchy titles. comes out with heart touching youth oriented novels. one can  easily correlate with.

Let’s look at all that he has written:

1. WORLD’S BEST BOYFRIEND – Because Every Ordinary Girl Deserves An Extraordinary Love Story


Completed two weeks at the #1 spot at the best selling list; Hindustan Times (AC NEILSON)

2. Of Course I Love You, Till I Find Someone Better


This was Durjoy’s first book published in 20.. when he was just 20 and brought him overnight glory. This happens to be a tale of a young guy Debashish who dated and bedded many girls till he found the love of his life Avantika and then finds himself rejected at first but accepted later.

3. You Were My Crush, Till You Said You Love Me!


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Story of a rich brat Benoy. Drives a Bentley, has strained relations with his father, is trying to come to terms with his mother’s untimely death. The stereotypical college-stud and a heart breaker. Is he really one?

True story based on the author’s brother Benoy Roy…….

4. She Broke Up, I didn’t I Just Kissed Someone Else


Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. Is Avantika that strong to forgive Deb who apparently gets drunk and kisses some other girl??

5. If It’s Not Forever, It’s Not Love!


This novel revolves around the Chandni Chowk blasts in Delhi. Deb though remains unhurt but takes a setback emotionally. While wandering in the streets, he finds a half burnt diary that interests him and his journey begins.

6. Now That You Are Rich, Let’s Fall In Love!


Imagine you are just 21 and earn just 3 lakh a month. Story of four over-ambitious nerds who land themselves in jobs that paid them higher than they could even think about.

7. Oh Yes I Am Single, So Is My Girlfriend!


Life of a fatty, nerd guy who falls in love as well as falls out of it. Perfectly, an imperfect picture of romance.

8. Till The Last Breath!



Story of two young people, one suffering from an incurable disease and another a drug addict. Both battling death. Check what life has in store for them….do they survive the battle or lose it…???

9. Someone Like You!

durjoy dutta

Journey of a young nerdy girl Niharika who gets makeover progressing to a makeover of life in a new world of college.

10. Famous TV shows Sadda Haq (Channel V) and Veera (Star Plus)



Veera is a soap opera being aired on Star Plus. Story of Ranveer and his step sister Veera who share a close bond. One of the hit shows these days.