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Drunk Bollywood: Hilarious And Honest!

Drunk, Bollywood gets super-entertaining!

Scandalous videos of drunk Bollywood actors have been doing the rounds of many video platforms, but this one is exceptionally hilarious!

We all drink, become very happy and absolute…so why can’t Bollywood stars have the same liberties? It’s because when you are at a level when people idolise you, your actions have to very moralistic and in India “alcohol” is a big NO NO for those who believe in moral and values.

Catch the stars in the video below giving a nonsense, honest and stupid bite on camera!

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And now for the take-home points…

Drunk Salman Khan looks so sweet….drunk!

Hard Kaur drinks and becomes super entertaining and vulgar. She should do more song when you are drunk… A drunk Hard Kaur can give you a HARD one!

Shah Rukh Khan is even more lovable and mushy when drunk.

Priyanka gets that firangi lip action when drunk.

Manisha Koirala speaks the truth and only the truth.

Sanjay Dutt gets cute, cuddly and BABA!

Randhir Kapoor gets very happy!

When drunk, Dharmendra starts talking in Chinese.

Arjun Kapoor and Ranvir Singh turn gay when drunk. Only when drunk?

Raja starts talking in most pathetic inglish

KHURKI VERDICT: They are in the business of entertainment, so drink till you can entertain not embarrass or bring shame on others of your creed!

Rachit Bhargav
Rachit Bhargav
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