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Dr Khurki Prescribes A Cup Of Beer Everyday For Better Health!


If you like to drink beer, then you will surely love this post. We can tell you that if you drink a cup every night, you will surely reap long-term benefits from it.

But the important thing to remember is that we said have a cup, not a bottle or bottles.

Read on more to know about its benefits. Do let us know if you agree or not.

1. Beer can help fight cholesterol

It actually helps in building the good cholesterol.

2. It dissolves your kidney stones

Not many of you know that drinking soda increases your chances of saying goodbye to kidney stones without medicines.

3. It is loaded with nutrients

Go ask anybody and they will tell you that is has high levels of protein building blocks and essential minerals.

4. It protects your heart

According to Harvard, beer drinkers had 30% less chances of getting a heart attack.

5. It is very rich in Vitamin B

Beer is loaded with folic acid, which is known to protect your heart.

6. It’s a low-carb drink. Bottoms up !!

A bottle of beer has only 12 carbs. And it also has no fat.

7. Most of beer is water

You will never get dehydrated, as it is 93% water.

8. It is a rich source of fiber

Drinking beer makes you feel full and wards off all hunger cravings. And a cup provides you with your daily intake of fiber.



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