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Down With Cold? Be Prepared To Go Through Much More!


Yippeee! Winters are here!!

Temperatures have plunged in cities across the country. It’s getting colder day by day and if you are planning to go out without a scarf and jacket, then get ready to go Aaaaa Choooo Aaaaa Chooo!!!

Along with winters comes the inevitable – common cold! Winter is also the time when other nasty viruses like cold sores or strep throat are more effective than ever. Apparently, it’s because the little bugs work better in the cold, just like the work boss who refuses to turn up the office thermostat to stop everyone’s fingers from freezing to their keyboards. But while there’s cold sore light therapy and strep throat antibiotics to clear those nasties up, there’s no cure for the cold yet, aaah!

And there’s no escaping it either, you have to catch the cold once per winter no matter what. So why not go out and get it sooner than later? But once you are down with cold, your head is bound to get overloaded with ridiculous amount of crazy thoughts. Let’s go through that crazy journey and pray a cold cure is invented soon!

12 Oh God!! My head feels heavy and weird

11 I am sick, I am sick!!

10 Shoot!! My throat is so itchy and sore I can’t even swallow properly!

9 Just wanna stay in bed all day

8 Somebody, please suggest some desi or herbal remedies!


Ugh, too natural… there’s no cure… I guess it will come and go on its own

6 Maybe it’ll never go away after all…

5 Actually, what I could do with right now is a hot chocolate with marshmallows

4 First a cold, now a sore throat that’s going to turn into a cough later on and last for days… oh God!!

3 Maybe, gargling with salt water will work instead?

2 Ow… I feel pain in my whole body

1 And finally… it’s gone!



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