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If You Are A Chaddha Or A Dixit, You Know What’s In Store!

“There’s a lot of shit in a name – William Beer-peekar”

At times you are born in a family with a name which will make you face embarrassment in front of every double-meaning-joke-hunter fellow. In the times of AIB, names with double meaning hidden in them are difficult to hide.

Thanks to people like AIB and many others for giving the Indians courage to f*k*n*g laugh out loud on hilarious double meaning jokes. A healthy mind gives you a healthy body but a dirty mind will give you laugh aches all over your body, so make it work.

For those who have shit, fcuk, et al in their names we feel sorry for their life but bhaiya if you agree with William Shakespeare ‘what’s there in a name?’, it’s time you gave an advt. in a national daily and changed your name for life.

Remember Tanu Weds Manu’s Pappi ji, introduced himself to a girl by asking, “Leke bataun, yaa deke?” If you have a name or a nick name like this one, well then that’s a cooler sign, at least way better than “Rahul naam toh suna hee hoga?”

So all you people with names hiding a super funny double meaning, Khurki will kholo your pol in this listicle:

Harshit – Har’Shit’

Double Meaning

Did it sound like “I Love Her Shit”!!! We didn’t say nothing!

Deepika Padukone -‘Padu’

Double Meaning

After this joke on Deepika, you might have to ‘run’ for being this ‘veer’…

Hardik – Hard’dick’

Double Meaning

No explanations needed, it’s not ‘hard’ to understand

DK Bose – Oh we all know it!

Bhaag Bhaaag D K Bose D K Bose D K Bose D K Bose D K Bose ….

Charles Dickens – Charles ‘Dick’ens

Double Meaning

Mr Chadha-  Mr Underwear

Double Meaning

My Father is Sunder Laal Chaddha (Translated in English: Beautiful Red Underwear)

Mrs. Dixit – DickShit

Double Meaning

I know, I know too much of shit for the blog…

George Bush – Porn lovers out there definitely know this

Double Meaning

Don’t look ‘hair’ and there, just Google it if you don’t know the meaning…

Mr Stanley – ‘Stan’ley remember Chatur

Savita if she is somebody’s Bhabhi – Savita Bhabhi

Fakir Chand – Fuck’eer Chand

What will be your bheekh next time? 1 Rs coin or a Strawberry Flavored Condom…

Abbas Mustan (Burmawalla) – Ab’baas’


Can you smell the ‘baas’ of their next film?

Tag your friends with double meaning names like these in the comment section below!

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Devashish Vaid
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