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Don’t Even Try These Things In Delhi!

Like every other city and town in India, Delhi too has a strong personality of its own. While other cities are willing to show a blind eye to certain things, Delhi can be very unforgiving.


So when you are in Delhi, do not even try to these things in Delhi.

1. Don’t call every strange male you meet on the streets ‘Bhaiya’

Try excuse me!!

2. If you are planning to break the red light or park your car in the no-parking area, ensure you have the number of your policewaale uncle.

Breaking the law is like inviting trouble.

3. You will not be spared for cracking jokes on people of other communities

Delhi has people from all over the country, so don’t invite trouble.

4. If you are planning to pick up a fight, ensure that your gang is bigger than theirs.

Or you will end getting beaten up.

5. There is no concept of little shopping in Delhi

You will always come home with multiple packets.

6. Don’t push to get into a super crowded Metro

Have patience, it’s just a matter of few minutes.

7. Delhi-ites cannot hear anything against Big Chill.

Don’t even push the envelope.

8. Don’t even think of stepping out without sunscreen

The Delhi glaring sun does not spare anyone.

9. Unlike your small town, Delhi girls are very quick to use footwear on boys

Flirting is a big no-no here.



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