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Hot And Ready, But Don’t Have A Condom Handy?

So when you ask a group of men what is a condom, they give you the most disgusting expressions possible. Yes, they all know what it is, and most of them hate it too. A condom is considered as a huge turn off in their journey of pleasure.

Given a choice, any man will want to fulfill his mission without using one. But the whole world knows that having sex without proper protection is a big NO-NO!! So if you get stuck in a situation where you are all set to go and don’t have the defense equipment, what will you do??

Follow our tips:

1. Call your friendly neighbourhood chemist and ask him to make a home delivery on priority

Start the game only when the equipment arrives!

2. Be shameless and check your parents cupboard if you’re home

Sounds cheap, but way better than catching an STD.

3. If you are the girl, then don’t forget to have the morning after pill immediately 

And if you are the boy, even then ensure that your gal has the pill.

4. If you are already on the pill, be decent and tell the man so that he can have a ride in peace

Don’t be mean and disclose once it’s done.


5.This last one is tricky! If you are a man with all the experience in bed, maybe you can try coming outside

But try this only when you know what you are doing and are absolutely clear on how to do it.



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