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STOP! Ten Things You Don’t Need To Feel Guilty About!


It’s okay! Don’t feel guilty about all things that give pleasure. Sure, there are things to feel guilty about but don’t get stressed about letting the child out. It doesn’t matter what age you are. It seems that everyone is, in some way or the other, criticizing themselves. If these actions sound guilty to you, then you are absolutely stressing yourself purposeless. Don’t apologize to anyone if you are doing any of these!

10 Posting Selfies

Many of you feel shy in posting pictures on Facebook or Insta. You don’t need a reason or an excuse to post them. If you like a picture and want to post it, go ahead and do it!

9 Saying ‘No’

For many people, it’s hard to turn people down. But trust me guys. You cannot please everyone all the time, so you gotta say NO. Sometimes you have to draw a line.

8 Eating Unhealthy

Whether it’s Street food, McDonalds or a tonne of chocolate, sometimes you just need a double cheeseburger and fries. It’s okay to binge. Just maintain the balance.

7 Not Being Able To Answer a Question

Have it etched in your mind- nobody knows everything. We are human after all, so when you find a gap somewhere, don’t feel guilty about it. Take it as an opportunity to learn more.

6 Accepting Compliments

If someone thinks you look nice, it’s okay to say thank you and smile. No more nervously brushing them off. Accept that you’re great and embrace it!

5 Spending Money On Someone

Here, what really matters is your happiness. If you are happy with what you are doing for others and the reason that you did so is clear to you, then don’t feel sorry for others.

4 Still Loving High School Musical

If you grew up watching it, you probably still remember all the songs. You definitely should not feel guilty about it. Go Wildcats!

3 Sending Someone Late Response

Should not ever apologize for not replying on time. Sometimes life takes over and we can’t respond to a text for a couple of days. Guys, you have a life of your own. Don’t stress for others. Best of all, they probably won’t notice as they too have a busy life. 😉

2 Break-ups

Sometimes it’s just not meant to be, even if they have great qualities. Don’t feel like you should stick with someone just because they are a nice person.

1 Crying

It’s definitely not a sign of weakness, and once you have had a good cry you will feel much better afterwards!



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