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Do Men Too Fake Orgasms? Hell, Yes They Do!



We have all heard of a woman faking it to keep her man happy. Many women have been known to only reach true orgasm thanks to the help of items such as loveballs, as their men just can’t do the job.

But, men too fake orgasms! Yes they do! When we got speaking to men we actually realized that many men fake an orgasm too. Although women fake it more than men, it seems both sexes use faking as a last minute troubleshooting trick.

Issues such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation can all lead to a man faking an orgasm. But things do not have to be this way. Male enhancement products such as all new delay wipes from VigRX can help men with premature ejaculation to last longer in the bedroom.

Nonetheless, if you are wondering how men fake it, let us tell you that they also fake moans and ugghs and change their physical actions to make their orgasm look real, you might be able to find some examples of this on websites similar to

And now we tell you why they fake it.

To hurry an orgasm that’s not happening


Most men take on an average seven minutes to get the job done. But if he thinks he’s not getting there, he might fake it and get it over with. Jaldi karo bhai…

To keep his premature ejaculation a secret

If he’s already leaked, he will fake it by pretending. Oops!

To conserve his pride

Varun Dhawan

If the man loses it half way or senses that he might lose it, he might fake it to get away with it. WTF!

To keep his woman happy


If the man is taking too long, he might get worried that his partner will fall out. So instead of stopping, he decides to fake it.

To stick by the book

Men are brought up with the idea that an orgasm shatters the sky. So when the sky does not fall they fake it.

I was told something else!!

To get it over with

Even men will sometimes have sex just to please their partner, not because they feel like.

Chalo khatam karo…

Priya Aurora
Priya Aurora
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